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Disinfection and sterilization

With the aim of protecting the health of our patients, we pay a lot of attention to disinfection and sterilization of instruments, office spaces, work areas and work clothes of the medical staff.


Entails procedures aimed at destroying the largest number of unwanted microorganisms. Mechanical and chemical agents are used for this purpose. This procedure serves to destroy, inhibit or remove other populations of organisms. Disinfection is performed daily and after each patient. Disinfection of instruments is performed in three stages:

Dezinfekcija instrumenata se provodi u tri faze:

- mechanical removal of impurities.
- chemical disinfection performed by submerging the instruments in a disinfecting fluid Prosept instru (solution that does not contain aldehydes and phenols).
- mechanical and chemical disinfection by using the Multisteril ultrasonic tub which uses ultrasonic vibrations and specific solutions to remove organic particles that are invisible to the eye and that were not removed mechanically.


Through this process all microorganisms and their spores are completely removed from objects, instruments and materials. It is performed by using the autoclave Sterilclave device, at a temperature of 134°c and pressure of 2.5 bar.

The complete sterilization procedure is controlled daily with the use of multiparameter chemical indicators. In accordance with the Law, a sample from the device is sent to a competent national independent institution for microbiological analysis every 3 months.

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