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Three-component (crowns) bridge


A three-component zirconia ceramic bridge: three days

A bridge with three crowns is a fixed prosthetic solution which successfully resolves the problem of a missing tooth (or a tooth that is yet to be extracted).

Three-component (crowns) bridge

The Cerec, technology makes it possible to achieve an aesthetically perfect ceramic bridge that is no different from your original teeth.

The process of creating a three-component bridge starts with the sanding of teeth to the left and right from the missing tooth. After that, a dental impression is taken based on which dental technicians make a ceramic bridge which connects all three positions, and the existing teeth serve as the bases for cementing the bridge.

If the surrounding teeth are healthy, we strongly recommend the solution in the form of a crown on an implant.

Important: although the absence of a tooth in the part which is not visible (lateral zone) does not seem to be a big problem, unfortunately: it is. Because of the absence of a tooth, the other teeth migrate (move away) causing an imbalance which endangers a large number of teeth in the long run. Make sure you get detailed information in this regard.

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