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Questions and answers

1. Why is the first visit important?

Without insight into the actual condition of an oral cavity, as well as into the patient's general health status, a doctor of dental medicine cannot determine the appropriate treatment with certainty. Panoramic images cannot be the only piece of information based upon which a certain treatment is planned. Besides this, today's technology makes it possible to solve a problem in various ways. Before any treatment is agreed, the patient should be informed on the pros and cons of certain solutions. Deadlines and budgets are often the factors that limit the selection of a certain treatment. It should certainly be taken into account that a patient must be certain of the doctor and medical institution he/she selected to solve his problem. The purpose of the first visit is, amongst other things, for the patient to be given a chance to be informed about all the aspects of his/her decision.

2. I would like to come for the first visit, but I am not sure I will accept the proposed treatment plan. Do I have to pay anything?

No. The first visit, which includes the panoramic image, doctor's examination and the treatment budget plan, is free of charge.

3. My doctor of dental medicine recommended a different treatment plan from the one you suggested. How do I know who is right?

The selfsame problem can really be solved in a number of ways. Therefore, it is not impossible for both treatment options to be acceptable from the professional point of view. We cannot stress enough that it is the patient's right and obligation to ask anything he/she wants to know before accepting a particular treatment. It is our task to give you as precise and reliable information as possible.

4. I was told I cannot have implants because I do not have enough bone in my jaw. How can I be sure that this is really the case?

As in all other diagnoses, several opinions are welcome. Implant dentistry sometimes borders with the experience of the doctor performing implant dentistry. A large number of successfully placed implants means that the doctor has encountered not-so-simple procedures or procedures which require unorthodox solutions. Be that as it may, such decisions must always be in accordance with the rules of the profession.

5. Is it possible to have a tooth extracted and an implant placed in its place in one visit?

Yes, it is possible, but not always. The doctor makes the decision during the procedure.

6. Will I be toothless during the osseointegration process?

No. Immediately after the procedure, or the next day at the latest, you will be given a so-called temporary denture which will make it possible for you to function normally during the period foreseen for implant osseointegration.

7. I don't like the colour of my teeth. What can I do about it?

Tooth whitening is only one of the techniques which can be used to improve your teeth's aesthetic appearance. Depending on their colour, size and distribution, other aesthetic procedures are also possible, first and foremost, veneers and ceramic crowns. Visit us without obligation and find out which solution would be best in your case.

8. I would like to come to your office, but I don't speak Croatian and I'm afraid I might have communication problems.

All our employees speak, besides Croatian, fluent Italian and English, and some of them also speak German, Slovenian and Russian.

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