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Dental bleaching


Duration of procedure: in one visit

Thanks to top technology, teeth can be whitened and the perfect smile achieved in just 45 minutes! The procedure is safe and painless, and teeth can be whitened by 2 - 3 shades.

tooth whitening

In the last 10 years, there has been growing interest in dental bleaching, that is, teeth whitening. How successful the whitening will be depends on several factors: a good analysis of the patient's medical status, his/her examination, a correct diagnosis as well as on the choice of the appropriate method.

Vital teeth can be whitened in a dentist's office or at home by using a splint and whitening gel.

For whitening teeth in the office, we use the most effective and most accepted tooth whitening method in the world, and that is the ZOOM halogen lamp. Before the procedure, teeth need to be cleaned and soft tissue protected. After that, the bleaching material is applied (25% hydrogen peroxide) and activated using a ZOOM halogen lamp. The entire procedure lasts for 15 minutes 3 times and it is performed in just one visit. After the whitening, teeth need to be polished well and fluoridated. For home teeth whitening, 10% or 20% carbamide peroxide is used. An impression has to be taken beforehand to make an individual splint. Together with the splint and whitening material, the patient is given instructions on how to apply the splint with the whitening gel. The effect is visible as soon as after the first application.

In the case of whitening in the office of non-vital teeth or teeth that have undergone endodontic therapy, 35% carbamide peroxide is applied to the tooth cavity and left there to work for a few minutes. After that, the tooth is rinsed well and its colour is checked. The procedure can also be carried outside the dental office by applying bleaching material to the tooth cavity and temporarily closing the cavity for 5 days.

Sometimes, but only very rarely, certain teeth hypersensitivity can occur. In that case, the patient is given a desensitisation preparation which alleviates the hypersensitivity within 24 – 48 hours.

If the patient follows the instructions, maintains self-discipline and cooperates with the dentist, excellent and long-term results can be achieved.

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