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Dental bleaching


Duration of procedure: in one visit

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to whiten your teeth and achieve a perfect smile in just 45 minutes! The procedure is safe and painless, and your teeth can become two to three shades whiter.

tooth whitening

Over the last ten years the interest in teeth whitening and its different methods has increased considerably. The whitening performance depends on a variety of parameters: a good medical history, a correct diagnosis, and the choice of an appropriate whitening method.

The whitening of vital teeth can be carried out at the clinic or personally at home by applying splints and a whitening gel.

Vital teeth can be whitened in a dentist's office or at home by using a splint and whitening gel.

Opalescence Boost™, a 40% whitening gel with a 40% hydrogen peroxide base, is used for whitening in our clinic. The gel is activated by an activator containing sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate, which have been proved to reduce the risk of fillings and improve tooth enamel quality. Before application of the whitening gel itself, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and the soft tissue is protected by Opal Dam™ resin.

The entire procedure foresees 2-3 applications of 15 minutes each and is done during just one visit. After whitening is complete, the teeth should be well polished and fluoridated.

For home whitening, a 10 or 20% hydrogen peroxide-urea is used. A dental impression is made for the patient and an individualised splint is produced. In addition to the splint and whitening gel, the patient is also given instructions for gel application.

In order to whiten non vital teeth in the Clinic, we also use Opalescence Boost™ 40%. The gel is applied to the tooth cavity and is left to act for several minutes. Once the procedure is completed, teeth should be thoroughly washed and cleaned and the achieved colour should be checked.

Should the patient feel an increased sensitivity to the teeth after the whitening procedure, they are advised to use a potassium nitrate based product such as UltraEZ.

By adhering to instructions, self-discipline and cooperation between patient and dentist, excellent and long-lasting results are guaranteed.

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