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Nado Bukvić, MD, pediatric surgeon

The renowned surgeon from Rijeka, employed at the Children’s Hospital Kantrida, talks about his experiences at DentVitalis

Experiences of our patients

Take a moment to hear what our patients think of us and the services that we offer at DentVitalis.

Patient experiences
Nado Bukvić, MD, pediatric surgeon

The renowned surgeon from Rijeka, employed at the Children’s Hospital Kantrida, talks about his experiences at DentVitalis.

Patient experiences
Edita Karađole, actress

Winner of the Croatian Theatre Award for Lifetime Achievement talks about her concerns regarding implant dentistry

Patient experiences
Zoran Roje, sports director

An Olypmic water polo medalist and sports director of the “Primorje” club explains why his family has opted for DentVitalis.

Nives Stošić

I have been a patient of Dr. Živković for a long time and I am very pleased with the work and approach at DentVitalis. I have always been greeted with kindness, the staff is very pleasant and considerate toward the patients and approach each patient with a lot of love. I wish them a long and successful working life.

Ivo Miljenović

DentVitalis Center for Implant Dentistry and Stomatology has high quality technology and equipment, as well as extremely well trained staff. My family and I have been using the services of DentVitalis and have never considered finding another dentist. We are very satisfied with the service and accommodating and polite employees (the optimal measure of complete service and costs). We recommend DentVitalis to everyone in all respects.

Kazimir Goleš

Employees of the DentVitalis dental medicine office are very professional and organised. I felt that they offered me their full attention and, despite the problems with my dental health, I felt calm and relaxed during every visit. I am extremely happy with the results.

Barbara Maras

I had my porcelain crowns and implants made at the DentVitalis Polyclinic. In addition to the fact that the staff of the Polyclinic performed its job in a very professional manner and with exceptional aesthetic results, I would also like to commend the individual approach of all employees that have made this process comfortable and maximally painless. I have a new smile; however, it is so natural that most people don’t even notice the crowns which completely fit my facial physiognomy.

I have to admit that I was afraid of the implant procedure, but the process was so painless and short-lasting that the fear was completely unjustified. Now I have two lovely implants that are so perfectly made that I don’t even notice them in my mouth cavity. I would recommend your Polyclinic to everybody and will most definitely remain your patient for a long time.

Katarina Obrovac

As a patient at DentVitalis for many years, I wish to express my gratitude and wish all the best to the staff that can be credited for my smile, as well as the smiles of numerous other patients. This is all due to your professionalism, patience and cheerful spirit. Please continue with your work in the same manner and accept my sincere greetings.


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