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Ceramic bridge on implants

Ceramic bridge on implants - all

A ceramic bridge on implants is an implant-prosthetic solution based on the placement of at least 6 implants onto which a bridge (or bridges) is cemented consisting of crowns which can be made of various materials.

Thanks to top technology, today, aesthetically perfect fixed prosthetic devices can be made (bridges and crowns). The patient has a chance to cooperate with the doctor on the planning of the final appearance of the prosthetics.

The limits of aesthetics depend largely on the choice of the material. Zirconia-ceramic crowns are translucent and perfectly imitate original teeth. However, due to zirconia's other features, we recommend placing more implants.

It should be noted that lack of bone in a certain region or bruxism (grinding of the teeth) can prolong the duration of the treatment plan or partially limit the choice of the material. In any case, a careful first examination should answer all these questions.


Learn more about implant dentistry and materials.

Learn more about bruxism (grinding of teeth).

Learn more about disinfection and sterilisation.

- Implant integration:3 months from the placement

- Prosthetic work: 2 weeks


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