Schedule now your free of charge first visit
Schedule now your free of charge first visit

Krešimirova 60, Rijeka, Croatia. Working hours: Tue – Sat 8 am – 4 pm

Experiences of our patients

Take a moment to hear what our patients have to say and find out their opinion on the services offered at DentVitalis

Patient experiences
Nado Bukvić, MD, pediatric surgeon

The renowned surgeon from Rijeka, employed at the Children’s Hospital Kantrida, talks about his experiences at DentVitalis.

Patient experiences
Edita Karađole, actress

Winner of the Croatian Theatre Award for Lifetime Achievement talks about her concerns regarding implant dentistry.

Patient experiences
Zoran Roje, sports director

An Olypmic water polo medalist and sports director of the “Primorje” club explains why his family has opted for DentVitalis.

Why DentVitalis - Your Dentist Abroad?

Professionalism, organization, technology, and the most important thing: a friendly relationship with patients.

Everything at one place
Znanje in izkušnje
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 11,000 implants installed
  • 90 % of patients come to us upon recommendation
  • Continuous education of doctors
  • Top quality materials
Dentalni laboratorij
  • Cerec CAD/CAM
  • Procera Nobel Biocare CAD/CAM
  • Fixed prosthetics
  • Removable prosthetics
  • Aesthetic prosthetics

Other important questions about dentistry abroad

Questions which often influence your decision to visit the dentist.

You are not sure whom to trust?

Of course not. It is your right to try several options and hear several opinions.

After doing that, you can make your choice. Make your first visit without any obligation and hear what the doctor has to say. Ask for and seek explanations. During the scheduled treatment, the doctor and the patient become somewhat like partners. The doctor is much more efficient if his/her patient trusts him. Besides the doctor's expertise and the quality of materials, this is one of the most important factors for a successful dental treatment.

Are you afraid of the dentist?

Fear is the most common reason why people avoid visiting the dentist.

Although it is mostly irrational, this fear is caused by previous unpleasant experiences. Thanks to modern technology, today the patient can avoid unnecessary pain, even when undergoing the most complex procedures. Moreover, this problem can be successfully solved with a good patient-doctor relationship. Therefore, it is crucial to talk about each step of the agreed treatment. In this way the patient will become actively involved in the treatment process which helps him relax and be less afraid.

Are you uncomfortable?

Dental medicine is the place where health and aesthetics meet in the most direct manner.

Although it is our primary goal to protect the patient's health, it is completely clear to us that nobody is, nor can be, indifferent to his/her appearance. Regardless of your current condition, coming for the first visit is the first important step towards solving your problem. It is our task to help you change the condition and improve it as much and as soon as possible. Do not worry about the current condition, but focus all your energy on improvement.


Did you know that we can...

  • Replace your ceramic crown during only one visit.
  • Create an aesthetically perfect bridge in only three daysMade from zirconia ceramics.
  • Put your implants in only one day As well as temporary fixed teeth.
  • Design your smile And correct the colour and size of your teeth using veneers.
Comfortable and beautiful

Depending on the requirements and wishes of each patient, we can organize or arrange the organization of your overnight stay.

Manner of payment
>> Manner of payment
We guarantee for our services

DentVitalis offers a guarantee for all prosthetic and implant procedures!

  • Nobel Biocare
  • HDDI
  • Hrvatska komora dentalne medicine
  • iPA
  • Global institute for dental education
  • EAO