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We guarantee for our services

Dentvitalis Fides offers guarantees for works performed by their doctors and in accordance with the conditions stated in the document.

The guarantee does not cover the costs of travel and accommodation, but only the services within the scope of the warranty. The patient is obliged to contact us as soon as he realises that a certain problem has occurred.

The guarantee is conditioned on the abidance by the deadlines set forth in the treatment plan and the control examinations schedule defined by the doctor. The patient's general health status can affect certain treatments and the dental medicine doctor cannot be held responsible in such cases. Inflammatory processes of the gingiva and the soft tissue are not covered by the guarantee.

Warranty period:

Conservative dentistry - 2 years:

  • • fillings
  • • inlay
  • • onlay

Definitive dental prosthetic works - 5 years:

  • • Zirconia, zirconia-ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, veneers

Definitive implant-prosthetic works- 5 years:

  • • implants
  • • Toronto bridge
  • • Zirconia, zirconia-ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns and bridges

Prostheses - 3 years:

  • • Total or partial protheses on bars, locators and ball abutments
  • • Protheses on partially or completely toothless jaws
  • • Prostheses on telescopic crowns

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