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Terms of Use

The terms of use of the web site (hereinafter: Site) are hereby defined. The owner of the Site content is Dentvitalis d.o.o. Krešimirova 60, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia. If you disagree with one or more provisions from these Terms, we ask you to leave the Site and discontinue its use.

All stomatological services published on this Site are provided in their own name and for their own account by the Private dental medicine offices of Šime Živković, DDM and Tomislav Živković, DDM (hereinafter: the Offices) with which Dentvitalis d.o.o. has signed an exclusive agreement on cooperation. The option of these services being provided by a third, legal or natural person, is completely excluded.

1. All the information related to stomatological services given on the Site, as well as the corresponding prices and deadlines for their performance, serve exclusively for informative purposes and cannot be a replacement for the treatment plan which is offered to each patient after an examination performed by a doctor at the Office premises.

2. The treatment plan and the corresponding financial offer delivered to the patient via email or in some other way serve exclusively for informative purposes, seeing as they are formed based on incomplete data, and above all, prior to the patient’s examination at the Office.

3. The content of this Site is subject to change without a prior written or oral notice to users.

4. The entire content of the Site, including its design, is the intellectual property of Dentvitalis d.o.o. and as such it cannot be used without prior written permission.

5. Any eventual links to other web sites are provided exclusively with the aim of providing more information for users and in good faith. This excludes any responsibility of Dentvitalis d.o.o. for the content of the aforementioned sites.

Disclaimer of liability

DentVitalis d.o.o. renounces responsibility for any eventual tangible and / or intangible damage that could occur by the user using the Site. All data, information and links are provided in good faith with the aim of better informing the user.

DentVitalis d.o.o. is not responsible for errors that occurred when creating the Site and data entry.

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