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Denture on implants

Denture on implants

The role of dental implants in this prosthetic solution is to create a strong base for a metal-base denture which ensures denture stability and security during chewing and talking.

The aesthetic and functional aspects are on a high level, and it is especially favourable for those patients who are forced to have all their remaining teeth extracted but cannot afford a completely fixed denture. Then, in cooperation with the doctor, the subsequent addition of the implant is planned with the aim of achieving the desired prosthetic solution.

For the needs of this solution, at least 2 implants have to be placed in the lower jaw and 4 in the upper jaw. Implants are most often connected by a special bar in order to achieve maximum strength for the denture. The denture can easily be taken off for simple hygiene maintenance. The patient feels secure, as if he/she had a fixed bridge.

It is possible to work on both jaws simultaneously. The patient is not left toothless at any moment. The same day, or the next day at the latest, the patient gets a temporary denture to wear for 3 months (the time necessary for the integration of the implant with the bone).


Learn more about implant dentistry and materials.

Learn more about bruxism (grinding of teeth).

Learn more about disinfection and sterilisation.

- Implant integration:3-4 months from the placement

- Prosthetic works:             2 weeks                                 


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