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A ceramic bridge on original teeth


Zirconia ceramic bridge: 7 days

If the patient is missing more than one tooth, and the other teeth are also not in the best aesthetic condition, the most frequent solution is a ceramic bridge which is embedded in the original teeth (if they are of adequate span and stability).

A ceramic bridge on original teeth

In order for this solution to be successful, it is crucial to ensure that the teeth are healthy, well prepared and that the prosthetic solution is in accordance with the rules of the profession. The bridge is cemented onto the existing teeth, and its endurance will primarily depend on the underlying teeth, as well as on proper gingiva and tooth hygiene (functional diagnostics).

Thanks to high-standard technology (CEREC) today it is possible to achieve aesthetically and functionally perfect solutions. Non-metal ceramic crowns are translucent just as the original teeth, they can be modelled by a computer according to the patient's wishes and adjusted perfectly to the colour and shape of the other teeth. It is exactly this precision that prevents the retraction of the gingiva and subsequent impairment of the prosthetic work.

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