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All on 4


Duration of the procedure: in one visit

All-on-4 is an innovative technique for implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of the jaw which makes it possible, even in cases of very poor bone structure, to place implants within a single day so the patient can have a temporary fixed denture. The procedure itself lasts about two hours.

All on 4

It is important to mention that All on 4 is Nobel Biocarea patent and that its successful implementation requires appropriate training. Unlike the other implant-prosthetic techniques, All-on-4 requires the implants to be placed in accordance with specifically defined rules. Implants are placed in the front part of the jaw, where bone quality and quantity allows their placement and stability.

After only three months, the temporary bridge is replaced with a permanent Implant Bridge. One of the important characteristics of this solution is the bond between the implant and the bridge. While in most other implant-prosthetic solutions the bridge is cemented directly onto the implants, in the All-on-4 solution special screws are used to create that bond. This is another advantage to this system: in case any of the teeth from the bridge get damaged, the bridge is taken off in a very simple and painless manner, the tooth is repaired in just half an hour, and after that, the bridge is returned to the patient's mouth.

The successfulness of these procedures is very high, about 98%. Our office performed the first All-on-4 procedure back in 2005.

Besides an excellent aesthetic result, the short time it takes to achieve a fixed prosthetic solution (only two hours) and the high level of success in the implant placement procedure, this solution is also well accepted by the patients because it is minimally invasive. Just one day after the procedure the patient can carry on with his/her daily activities.

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