DENTVITALIS d.o.o., Krešimirova 60, Rijeka, Croatia. Working hours: mon-thu 8-18, fri 8-16

The first visit is free of charge and includes the following:

1. creation of a panoramic image if the patient does not have a panoramic image taken less than 6 months ago;

2. a doctor's examination for the purpose of explaining in detail the current condition of the oral cavity, but also the options of solving any problems;

3. the preparation of an offer based on a treatment plan agreed between the doctor and the patient.

The results of the first visit must be clear not only to the doctor, but to the patient as well. The agreement to begin the work, if any, depends primarily on a relationship of trust. This is why we inform each patient not only about the procedures and their dynamics, but also on the materials, how they are manufactured, on the guarantees and the follow-up visits.

Of course we advise patients to ask anything they want to know and make the decision about what and when they want to be done only after they have obtained all the information.

Schedule your first visit free of charge now: 051688380 (8 am - 6 pm)

Free examination

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