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The solution in just one visit to the dentist.

CEREC is a unique CAD/CAM system which enables the replacement of a part of or an entire tooth in just one visit to the dentist. Aesthetically perfect, custom-made solutions are possible due to high-tech methods based on the scanning (imaging) of the existing condition, instead of taking traditional impressions. Modelling is carried out virtually in a 3D technique, after which non-metal (zirconia or ceramic) blocks are used to make a precisely designed tooth or part of a tooth.

Besides individual crowns, Cerec technology is used to produce the bases for zirconia-ceramic bridges, ceramic inlays and veneers.

CEREC is the most common technology in the world, and it has been used to produce more than 28 million tooth replacements. In 30 years, more than 250 clinical studies have confirmed the efficiency and high quality of this technology.



Implants: Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech, Dentium Super Line

Individual abutments: Nobel Biocare Procera i Sirona Cerec

Splints (Byte): Erkodent

Cirkon, Emax, Empress: Ivoclar ZirCAD, Emax CAD, Empress CAD

Ceramics: Ivoclar Vivadent Ips Emax ceram, Vita VM13

Dentures: Ivostar teeth and Ivobase acrylate, Candulor acrylate for individualizing the gingival

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